Episode 22: Survivor Stories – Mike from Spin Magazine

This week we have another Survivor Story! First, we discuss the Spin coverage, and then we interview Mike Schreiber who shot photos for Spin Magazine’s Woodstock 99 article. He regales us with tales of Lit, Everlast, Korn, and some unsavory Rome, NY locals. NOT TO BE MISSED, but be warned, it gets pretty rough!

Episode 7: The Great Psych-Out of Woodstock 99 – Day 1 part 2

Continuing our coverage of the first day of Woodstock 99 we go deep into Sheryl Crow and her legendary psych out, Buckcherry, Lit, and some interesting choices on the emerging artist stage. This is definitely an episode for the rockers, and remember, Monday turns to 8-ball.

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