Episode 41: If it Bleeds, it Leads

As the smoke clears from the grounds of Woodstock 99 we dig up some of the juiciest quotes from the media fallout that followed the devastation. From John Scher to Sheryl Crow, it seemed everyone involved with Woodstock 99 had something to say about the way things went down. Also, as usual, we share some more absolute gems of Woodstock related info.

Episode 35: Survivor Stories – Mail Day Part 2

Here at Podcast 99, we appreciate all the emails and feedback that we get. In this episode, we share some of our favorite fan submitted Survivor Stories. Another fan found some really great deep cut amateur footage of Limp Bizkit, Korn and Sevendust. Plus we roundup a truly strange batch of emerging artists.

Episode 33: Survivor Stories – Matt Pruett

The Gods of Woodstock smile down upon us for this serendipitous interview. Following our successful live show in Atlanta, we were fortunate to discover that one of the venue’s long time employees attended Woodstock 99! Matt Pruett can be considered one of the purest examples of a Woodstock Survivor. He jumped in a car with his best friends, drove 12 hours from Georgia and proceeded to bang his head to the likes of Korn and Rage Against the Machine. Matt opens up about his perspective of the chaos while in an altered state of consciousness. What follows is a hilarious tale of Woodstock from a truly unique character.

Episode 31: The Worst of the Worst – Day 3 part 3

Fair warning folks, we are covering the roughest two sets of the entire festival on this episode. We have been hard on bands before that might not have necessarily deserved it but in this episode all the blows are well deserved. We have Everlast repping white folks a little too hard, a doomsday cult that was featured on the Ice Age soundtrack, and the iconic Elvis Costello, who at the time was riding Austin Powers 2 fame. Be glad that we watched these so you didn’t have to.

Episode 30: Attack of the Cool Dads – Day 3 Part 2

The Culture Dumps team is joined by their pal Adam Papagan on this episode of Podcast 99. The team discusses “cool dad music” and what it means to be an aging punk rocker. Day three continues on as our raspy announcers completely lose their voices. Buckle up daddy-o!

Episode 29: A good start to a bad day – Day 3 part 1

We have made it to the final day of the Woodstock 99 music festival. What will prove to be the roughest day of the festival actually begins on a very mellow note. Willie Nelson takes the East Stage and brings some much needed 69 vibes to the masses. Don’t get too comfortable though, it’s about to majorly pop off.

Episode 28: Survivor Stories – Andy

In the latest episode of Survivor Stories Ryan sits down with Andy. Andy was a contributor to our live event and a survivor that stayed the entire duration of Woodstock 99. Not only did he go by himself but he was also sober! This is our most detail driven survivor story yet, it is also the most riot-centric. Buckle up and get ready to watch The Mask at Woodstock 99.

Episode 26: The Beatles of Metal

The end of day two has arrived. The team is joined by Bill Conway of the Hard Times who lends an outsider view of the end of the most tumultuous day of Woodstock 99 we have seen thus far. Between the block rockin’ beats of the Chemical Brothers, The Beatles of heavy metal Metallica, and a mishap involving the rave and a half pipe, this is sure to be a highlight episode.

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Episode 25: The most least ’69 vibes – Day 2 part 7

How is it possible that one band could be the most and least ’69 vibes band at the same time? How is it possible that on one stage you had one of the most violent mosh pits of Woodstock ’99 while on the other you had the most peaceful audience of Woodstock ’99? In this episode, we will tell you how, because we’re talking about Mickey Hart’s Planet Drum and Rage Against the Machine!

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Episode 22: Survivor Stories – Mike from Spin Magazine

This week we have another Survivor Story! First, we discuss the Spin coverage, and then we interview Mike Schreiber who shot photos for Spin Magazine’s Woodstock 99 article. He regales us with tales of Lit, Everlast, Korn, and some unsavory Rome, NY locals. NOT TO BE MISSED, but be warned, it gets pretty rough!